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Alexander Vershinin Professional Photograph
Alexander Vershinin
professional photographer

"A thunderstorm over the North American "Canyonlands", the bizarre ice and fissures of Patagonia, the solitary majesty of the Ayers Rock in the expanse of the Australian outback: some impressions of this planet are so large, so powerful that they simply refuse to accept any normal image format. They want to be seen full-blown: in the panoramic large format." GEO Magazine.

GEO Panorama-Abo: Der Blick ins Weite 2017 - this year with Alexander Vershinin Photography.
NEW AWARDS!!! Honorable Mention from The London International Creative Competition 2016 for the "Endless Storm" and "The Call Of The Dancing Waters" was ranked in Top 250 on The International Nature Photography Contest 2016.
"Black Sands Opera" got Bronze Award on The International Salon Of Photography Photo Artist 2016.
"Endless Storm" is The Contest Finalist in Sweeping Landscapes Photo Contest 2016.
I'm glad to represent the brand new print "The Morning And The Frost" wintertime work from the one of my favorite places Canyonlands NP.
The "Black Sands Opera" and the "Triupmh Of Ice" get Gold and Silver Awards on The Epson International Pano Awards 2016.
5 photographs get The Bronze Award in Nature Category on The Epson International Pano Awards 2016.
43mm Photo Magazine (issue 10) came out with a brief story and ten photographs from Alexander Vershinin.
The first 2016 Award is here - The Contest Finalist in Covers Photo Contest Vol 31 for "The Call Of The Dancing Waters"
We announce the signature rebranding from the 12th of august 2016. All prints sold after this date will be signed with the new artist's signature. Ofcourse, all the prints signed before this date are still valid with its COA.
"Babylon" and "Dance Of Life" are The Contest Finalists in One Eyeland Photography Awards 2015.
"The Legacy" and "The Hearthkeepers" are choosen for the Blank Wall Gallery "Winter" Exhibition and catalogue. The exhibition will take place from 4th till 18th of December at 12 Yakinthou Street, 11364, Athens, Greece.
"Dance Of Life" - I am proud and happy to announce that my shot won Gold Medal For The First Place in 1st ROYGBIV Color Awards Winners Gallery 2015.
"Surprise Impact" is The Contest Finalist in Sunsets On Water Photo Contest Viewbug 2015.
"After The Storm" got Honorable Mention from International Photography Award 2015 in New York.
"After The Storm" and "Infinity" got Honorable Mentions from Moscow International Foto Awards 2015.
"After The Storm" got Honorable Mentions on London Creative International Competition 2015.
The Epson International Pano Awards - 8 awards for Alexander Vershinin's photographs this year!!!
"Dance Of Life" - One more print from The North America collection Won Contest Finalist in Covers Photo Contest Vol23 Viewbug 2015.
"Babylon" - Another print from The North America collection Won Contest Finalist in Resource Travel Inspiration Photo Contest vol1 Viewbug 2015.
"The Prophecy" - I am proud and happy to announce that my shot was awarded at prestigious photo contest Blank Wall Gallery 2015.
The brand new prints from Australia, New Zealand and Vietnam were added to the gallery.
"North Aurora" - another first place from The 8th Annual International Color Awards 2015.
"North Aurora" Won The Gold Medal from The Photographic Society of America in Beograd International Salon 2014.
"North Aurora" Is The Winner in Gigapixel Image Special Award, The Epson International Pano Awards - 2014. Also this photograph entered to the TOP50 Nature Photographs of 2014.
"North Aurora" and "The Island" are Awarded photographs in Nature Category of The Epson International Pano Awards 2014.
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