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Alexander Vershinin Professional Photograph

Alexander Vershinin is a professional photographer. He is known as an adventure tourism traveller specializing on panoramic landscape photos. Member of The North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA), the International Association of Panoramic Photographers (IAPP), Creative Asia Photo Association and the Professional Photographers of America (PPA). Vershinin is believed to be 100% self-taught person, studying the art of photo only with books. He was fascinated by photo in junior school already, when his father had presented him a FED camera. He has been travelling a lot since the beginning of the century and takes part in lots of mountain and desert expeditions. He covers great distances in Australia, South and North America, Asia in his search for great photos. That is the time when his unique author style of panoramic landscape photo evolves.

"...Beautiful views are right around us. Lots of people ignore familiar places – you can pass one lake every day and don’t think how amazing it is in the twilight just because you’ve never seen it at this time of the day. Before I‘ve been walking really a lot, climbed the mountains, hiked tens of kilometers looking for interesting shooting points. And then looking at the pieces of other photographers I’ve noticed that tons of wonderful photos are made literally one step away from the highway. Maybe this understanding comes with the experience. Or maybe at one point of time you are fed up with carrying kilos of heavy equipment..."

Alexander Vershinin Professional Photograph
Alexander Vershinin
professional photographer