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To arrange a photo shoot with Peter Lik style is it way to success?

Many beginner photographers are googling desperately to find out how to earn on their photos. Eventually all of them face the reviews of Peter Lik similar photo sessions. They become inspired with the incredibly high Peter Lik sales and his profit from Ghost and try to copy his way, his approach and his photos with complete accuracy up to the shooting location. But nobody can make it like Peter Lik style. Why? Dear colleagues! Please dont try to copy anyone. Its totally OK to learn, retrieve information and analyze it. There was a time when Ive been spending almost all my time in the Web, browsing his photos trying to understand what catches people in maestros photos? When Ive just started my career Ive been trying hard to get the same effect and same colorsI used the very same spots where these masterpieces were taken. But all my efforts were just the copies But it still should be noted that these shots were pretty fine and Ive succeeded to sell many of them to respectful publishers for decent amounts. But our topic is different should one use Peter Lik style only to find ones own manner and become popular. Or are there any other ways?

Make Peter Lik similar photos is it a way to success or just a learning process?

My article addresses firstly the beginner photographers who are looking for their own style. Thats why we cant deny that studying the works of photography masters can be really beneficial. But please dont try just blind copies. The renown American marketing professional J. Trout has many times declared that approach doesnt work in the modern competitive world. This is totally valid not only for business world, but for the art also. Put your soul into the photo to get on top. An author of a masterpiece can replicate his technique and it will be accepted as given. But audience will not accept the clones from imitators. E.g. Kuindzhi has completed his famous Moonlight Night on the Dnieper and then made several own copies each of them is considered as original. But if any other artist will try to make the same copy, then it will hardly get the 5-star reviews from the critics, despite the fact that it might be a marvelous piece of art. Most possibly it will be named as reproduction. Do you want your works to be reproductions? Throw the numbers away from your head. Forget the fact that almost all Peter Lik's prints are being sold successfully, and youve sold just a couple of your photos via stocks. Target your energy towards creativeness, try out your camera, try to establish your own shooting technique, which will drive market crazy. If you run for success, you should show something brand new to potential buyers, something that nobody has done before. And another one important note which is often forgotten. You will never make a good photo session without moving around. Even if you have amazing sea view from your window and you make excellent photos from your balcony, you will hardly get many fans. Take your camera with you wherever you go. Look for unexpected places, new angles and stories. And do not forget about Random All-Mighty. Einstein has once just put tongue out, and now this photo comes into mind every time you hear the name of the genius physicist. Good Luck!