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Unique American Rainforest in the heart of the North


Washington State - in this state, evergreen, as the inhabitants of America call it, there are many miracles. So let's start our acquaintance with it, with the vast Olympic National Park, which boasts a variety of landscapes - mountains, rivers, waterfalls, high headlands, ocean coast, and endless forests. Perhaps the most unusual wonder is the rainforest in the heart of the northern part of the continent. Sounds unusual, right? Rainforest! In the north! Does that happen?

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"The Masts and The Crows-Nest" Unique Rainforest In Olympic National Park, Limited Edition Photo Print, Washington State, USA.
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Washington State Photography Prints from the heart of its rainforest

Yes, our minds are accustomed to the fact that the rainforest grows in tropical countries - in Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Guatemala, Thailand, Cambodia and others. But it turns out that it also grows in the northwestern United States. Of course, this is not quite a rainforest in the usual sense of the word. There are no southern plants and jungles here, which are so familiar to us from the films. However, the rainforest lives according to the laws of the tropics, feeding itself in all ways: due to the spring melting of snow, summer rains and autumn fog. Humidity is maintained at the proper level, and the rain forest breathes in the same way as in Thailand. Anyone who has been there will immediately understand this. Cedars, spruces, pines and redwoods, along with ferns, suddenly found themselves in a tropical environment, but a cooler climate. Isn't it a plot for a science fiction film?

American rainforest, Olympic National Park Photo, Washington state Photography, Alexander Vershinin, luxury photo

"Words Of Silence" Olympic National Park Limited Edition Photo Print, Washington State, USA.
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Limited edition nature photo, Olympic National Park Photo, Alexander Vershinin, luxury fineart

"Predator" - Washington State Rainforest In Olympic National Park, Limited Edition Photo Print, USA.
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The rainforest in Olympic National Park is located in the valley of the Quinault River. And, they say, an incredibly huge number of giant trees are located here in a rather small area. There are several interesting trails, which you can walk on for hours, enjoying the beauty of the local nature and looking out for its inhabitants. There are ample photo spots for nature photos. I am glad to show you landscape photographs of the rainforest from its heart, which so amazed me with its beauty. Although it was cold in the early morning, I quickly warmed up, briskly walking around Olympic National Park and peering into its different faces through the lens to create interesting nature landscape photographs for you.

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Alexander Vershinin
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