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Antelope Canyon Fine Art Pictures: Who am I?

Antelope Canyon photography is one of my most favorite activities while visiting Southwest America. We all love to make memories by taking photos. But sometimes, it could be so daunting to take a perfect shot. However, for this, you need professional help to capture the natural beauty of your visiting place. For instance, if you visit Antelope Canyon, it's not easy to take perfect shots. Nature and landscapes look very simple and calm. Moreover, new photographers take natural beauty as an accessible object. As a result of this, they think it's not an easy task. But the ground realities are different. I know the importance of capturing the right moment's landscapes. That's why I'm taking some time out to write this informative piece. I hope you already know about the magical beauty of the Antelope Canyon. But if you think that photography can't justify that beauty, then you are wrong. Yes, if you feel this way, then you haven't yet met the right person. I am Alexander Vershinin, a nature photographer. If any person has the urge to achieve something, then nothing can stop them from getting that. It was the same situation in my case. At the start of my career, like other people, there were many people from whom I used to take inspiration from. As a result of this inspiration, I started to copy their work. But soon, I realized that if I want to move ahead, then I have to find my way. Thus, it was a golden thought that worked for me as a light in a deep dark tunnel. However, with positive thinking and inspiration, I started Antelope Canyon Fine Art Photography Collection with my signature style. Today, you can search about me and see that I have won many national and international accredited awards.

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"Dance Of Life" Awarded Photo Of Antelope Canyon, Limited Edition Photo Print, Arizona, USA.
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Why did I choose Antelope Canyon photography as my signature project?

"There are many cracks in Antelope Canyon. But I wanted to catch those ways when sunlight passes through."

Antelope Canyon photography is one of those projects that is near to my heart. Yes, you can call it my signature project. From the start of my career, I felt that rocks, mountains, and attractive landscapes had a special place in my heart. So, when I saw Antelope Canyon, it felt like a dream come true. However, I wanted to use this place to test my abilities. I took photos to test my skills, and now you can tell me whether I succeeded in this or not. Moreover, I wanted to share with you all those points and information that this project gave me.

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"The Velvet Abyss" Antelope Canyon With Milky Way, Limited Edition Photo Print, Arizona, USA.
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The magical beauty of the Antelope Canyon photography

It won't be wrong to say that Antelope Canyon is among the most magical places you can choose to visit. It's a slot canyon in the southwest of America on Navajo lands. Moreover, it seems like the most magical gift that God created for this earth. The glowing red walls, narrow caves, and twisting passways present scenes that seem out of this world. Apart from taking perfect shots, it's the best place if you want to visit with your family. Here is the basic information that will help to learn more about this place: Situated - Navajo Nation Arizona, Divided into two parts - Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon, Best place for - Sightseeing and photography, Number of annual tourists - 4 million. When we say Antelope Canyon, then most of the time, it means upper Canyon. You can assess this place's popularity by seeing the number of visitors who came to see this every year.

History of the Antelope Canyon

We have already discussed Antelope Canyon is situated in the east of Page, Arizona. More specifically, it's within the Navajo nation that is the largest tribe in the United States. However, if we look into the past, then both the Upper and Lower Canyon were created from the erosion of water and floods. Above all, the monsoon season was also the main reason to form this magical place. When I first visited here, I was speechless. At that time, I thanked God for choosing me to capture the beauty of places like these through my lens. Back in the days, Canyon had the reputation of a place that you should visit if you have a small group of people. But we can't use the same line for this place anymore. Now it has become one of the most visited places in the USA.

Antelope Canyon Fine Art Photo, Arizona Photography, Alexander Vershinin Fine Art, luxury photo

"Between The Worlds" Antelope Canyon Luxury Panoramic Print, Limited Edition, Arizona, USA.
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What to know before visiting Antelope Canyon?

"Red walls + Shiny light and dusty air = Epitome of beauty."

In today's writing, I'm mainly focusing on my fellow photographers. If you want to visit here, to capture photos, then I want to help you. After reaching there, you will see many fabulous sceneries that may confuse you. But it is the real test of an expert photographer. You need to keep yourself strong and focus on the objects. While sitting for the Antelope Canyon photography, here are the first objects that willgrab your attention. Dark and red-colored canyon walls, falling sands, light beams, beautiful sunlight, sunset and sunrise, and rocks shining through the dusty air. Moreover, there you will find many guides that will help to take perfect shots. If you are visiting for the first time, then it's good to hire a professional who can guide you about famous photographic places.

Photography facts about Antelope Canyon

If you are interested in Antelope Canyon photography, then it's essential to know some technical details. It will help you to take professional and perfect shots that can grab attention. After visiting this place, I prepared a list, and I would like to share it with others. Number One - The orange Canyon walls give a stunning look and present an incredible sight to create a perfect shot. So, if you are visiting there, then prepare yourself to shoot the eternal beauty. Number Two - Most of the walls you will see here are almost 120 feet high, and the upper Canyon is 4,000 feet elevation. So, keep yourself ready to catch the beauty of these long walls in your camera. Number Three - The upper and lower, both Antelope canyons are breathtakingly beautiful and have their own specific features. If you have covered lower, then don't forget to take shots of the lower Canyon in which rocks shine through the dusty air. Number Four - If you are a new photographer and traveler, then you can hire a guide. It is the best way to find hidden photogenic objects. If you can take the right shots, no one can stop you from being the best photographer. I'm sharing this information because I want you to benefit from my experience.

Antelope Canyon Luxury Photography, Arizona Photography, Alexander Vershinin Fine Art, luxury photo

"Flamenco" Antelope Canyon, Limited Edition Photo Print For Sale, Arizona, USA.
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Techniques that I adopted for capturing Antelope Canyon

"Antelope Canyon is something that defied my imagination."

Antelope Canyon is one of the most astonishing places that nature gifted us. So, I think It's unfair if some people can't enjoy this beauty. By looking at this fact, I launched the Antelope Canyon photography limited edition collection. Here are the following techniques that I adopted to take the perfect shots of this place.

I planned properly

There is not any doubt that Antelope Canyon is a paradise for photographers like me. But if you don't plan appropriately before time, then the tour could turn into a disaster. So, it was the best decision that I made because it helped me capture what I wanted. For instance, I tried to capture the beauty in perfect sunlight. So, I searched for the exact sunrise and sunset timing. You can visit my main website to see how I used sunlight to take excellent shots.

Take perfect camera gear

It is a real test for photographers. But you have to choose the right camera gear like lens, tripod and other things that will help. For instance, sometimes you have to stand there for hours in search of the perfect shot. So, in this situation a tripod will help because it's not feasible to stand with a camera for hours. The ideal gear will help to ease the process and capture good photographs.

I didn't change the lens frequently

Most photographers always make the mistake of changing lenses often. But it is a real test between an expert and a naive photographer. So, it is an important thing to remember that you shouldn't change the lens inside canyons. If you change the lens frequently, then you can lose the actual perspective and focus. But if you want to capture different angles, then carry various lenses.

Don’t forget the hidden slots

The Antelope Canyons are spiritual for the Navajo tribes. So, if you pay serious attention, then you can find many gems that are hidden. It is a treat to watch if there are red walls with beautiful sunlight. So, my main aim was to reveal the unseen and hidden parts of the Antelope Canyon. Thus, the primary purpose was to open my camera's wings and help my audience see Antelope Canyon photography.

Antelope Canyon photography to buy

I used the best of my abilities to bring the best for my audience. If you want to decorate your place with the splendid beauty of the Antelope Canyon photography, then we are here. Even if you are not a professional, you can visit my main website to soothe your eyes. Apart from this, you can place a customized order according to your choice. So, don’t wait and place the order of this limited and exclusive collection now.

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