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Death Valley Fine Art Landscape Photography

when death is still alive with its nature

Death Valley National Park is another natural wonder. It is a park that is 90-minutes away from the Alabama hills. However, due to excessive beauty, it is a good playground for nature photographers. Due to perfect weather conditions, people can visit this place many times a year. For instance, for a road trip, the ideal time is between Nov-Mar. By taking a road trip, the photographer gets the chance to observe the objects closely. I found out that Death Valley is an incredible and huge park. If any person wants to give a treat to the camera lens, then this place is perfect. Here you will find the second tallest dunes that are presenting a colorful sight. Thus, this scene is worth taking pictures of. Moreover, think how beautifully it will look if you hang one of the art pieces in your home or office.


Badwater Basin is the deepest basin in the United States and North America. Salt flats are 86 meters below sea level. Badwater got such an unpleasant name because the water that accumulates in the salt marsh is not drinkable because of the minerals. But even swimming in Badwater, like in the Dead Sea which is the lowest point on the planet, will not be successful. The salt field in Death Valley is constantly changing. Lakes appear here and there, new salt is created. That is why every new visit to the Salt Flats of the Badwater Basin guarantees you new unique landscape photos.

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"Red Planet" Salt Flats Of Death Valley National Park, Limited Edition Photo Print, California, USA.
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keep your camera away from the sand, but take some luxury photographs

Another Death Valley National Park's attraction for creating best landscape photo prints is the Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes. The dunes are the most easily accessible as they are located right along the road. The Mesquite Sand Dunes are not the tallest and not the only dunes in Death Valley. From the convenient parking, you can walk to these very beautiful dunes, which look very impressive against the backdrop of the high mountains of the Sierra Nevada. Do not forget to bring drinking water with you, as well as time. It is very hot on the dunes. It is best to avoid them during the daytime and visit them only in the morning or in the evening at sunset. I took some great landscape pictures of these wonderful sand giants just before sunset.

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"The Rhythm" Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes, Limited Edition Photo Print, Death Valley National Park, California, USA.
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