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Teriberka nature photography

Kola Peninsula Landscape Photos From Alexander Vershinin

Teriberka nature photography is enough to astonish viewers. The northern part of Russia is famous for the views, shores, mountains, and much more. But I wanted to bring the best side of this beautiful place in front of the world. I hope you already know how single-handedly I try to provide value to my followers. I am Alexander Vershinin, a person who works to achieve his dreams. Thus, my goal was to bring the natural side of Russia through Kola Peninsula photography.

Kola Peninsula, Teriberka, Ship Wreck, Alexander Vershinin, photo

"The Guardian" Abandoned Ship In The Teriberka Village, Limited Edition Photo Print, Barents Sea Coast Kola Peninsula.
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My urge to choose Teriberka village

"My happiness is to capture the right moment at the right time with perfect light.”

Before shedding light on Teriberka's nature photography, I want to highlight the demographics of this place. So, Teriberka is the rural locality of North Russia situated in the Kolsky district of Murmansk. It is the best place if you want to explore hills, coastlines, and mountains. In the early days of my nature photography, I was one of those people who liked to sit for hours by dipping my toes in the water. However, it was the best time when I used to watch mesmerizing landscapes for hours. Some places are amazing enough to attract more people. However, Teriberka is one of those places that drew me in like a magnet. From the start, I knew there was a lot that Teriberka was going to offer. Yes, it was true. Right after landing there, I was mesmerized by the beauty. It is quite an old village, and I wanted to satisfy the soul of my inner artist. Teriberka is situated on the banks of the Barents Sea, and it's the Kola Peninsula. So, deep down, I knew that if I reach there, then there is a vast scope to capture the natural beauty. However, I wanted to bring this trip as a treat for my followers. I knew many people wanted to see my natural abilities and best shots that helped me to win the photography award.

Teriberka, Dragon Balls Beach, Barents Sea, Alexander Vershinin, photo

"Hideaway" Dragon Balls Beach, Teriberka Village, Limited Edition Photo Print, Russian North Landscape Photography Collection.
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Why is Teriberka so popular? Teriberka nature photography

After discussing the basic information about Teriberka now, we move towards the next step. If you are interested in buying Teriberka nature photography, then you should know about this. According to the official claims, this is the best place to drive along with the arctic ocean. So, it was a dream project for me where I got the chance to capture water with the edges of rocks and other natural elements. Apart from my words, this place is included in the top 20 most popular and photogenic destinations as per National Geographic. Above all, many photographers, local travelers, and foreigners visit this place to see north Russia. Here are the qualities that I found during my Teriberka nature photography tour. We have already discussed that Teriberka is a small village with a population of about 900 people. So, it is heaven for photographers who are visiting there for the sake of best clicks. Most of the tourist attractions remain crowded with travelers, but Teriberka is different from those. So, if you want to see and capture the natural glam of the northern lights, then don't miss this place. You can see my exclusive Teriberka nature photography collection to see how differently I made the frames. I wanted to bring the unique beauty of this place to my followers. However, the natural phenomena of my exclusive art collection are the northern lights.

ghost town, Teriberka, Kola, Alexander Vershinin, photo

"Wild Wild North" Russian North Ghost Town, Teriberka Village, Limited Edition Photo Print.
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It's soul and beauty of North Russia

I am one of those few photographers who purely traveled for the unique Kola Peninsula photography. Apart from Teriberka, there are a lot more sights for the visitors and photographers. So, if you want to enjoy the natural wonders of life, then enjoy my exclusive collection of north Russian landscapes. Moreover, I wanted to use a single word that can describe my feelings and art abilities. Thus, I came up with a single name, "The Soul of Russia." If I talk about my experience, then northern lights are the best thing I saw during the visit. A photographer doesn't ask anything other than perfect angles, beautiful landscapes, and mountains. However, during the visit, I found north Russia has everything I was looking for for so long. So, I was lucky enough to find the perfect light, sceneries, and mesmerizing landscapes. It felt like I was standing in between the fairytale that is constantly attracting me to indulge more.

Kola peninsula photography: Stunning scenery

Apart from Teriberka nature photography, it is mandatory to mention Kola Peninsula photography. It is situated right in the northwest of the European part of Russia. However, this complete side of north Russia is filled with snowcapped mountains, white seas, and astonishing landscapes. In my opinion, it is more than beautiful, and my words can't describe beauty. I was amazed after seeing the cars running on the roads with an attractive background of snowcapped mountains. However, the whole experience was overwhelming, and I couldn't resist capturing every bit of it.

The Barents Sea coast, teriberka ships wreck, Alexander Vershinin photo

"Rust And Revenge" Kola Penisula, Teriberka Village, Limited Edition Photo Print, Russian North Landscape Photography Collection.
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Amazing sunlight in Teriberka

For a photographer, it is impossible to visit a place without even noticing the perfect sunlight. Thus, in Teriberka, the first thing I noticed was the sunlight. I knew that if I wanted to provide value to my customers, I have to judge the perfect time to capture incredible views. According to my experience, the golden sunlight enhances the beauty of every object. Due to my knowledge, I knew this is the right time to take advantage of this perfect combination.

Teriberka nature photography to buy

"As long as the sun shines, a photographer doesn't care about the moon."

Sometimes words don't justify the things that we say. So, in this situation, we can understand the situation in the best way by taking help from visuals. Thus, this is the same case for Teriberka's natural beauty. If you think I'm making it up, then I have proof to prove my point. Yes, you can see my exclusive Teriberka nature photography collection that is entirely supporting my words. So, if you want to hang different pieces of heaven in your living or working space, consider this option. Thus, you can visit my main gallery page to place the orders. Moreover, you have a choice of placing customized orders to soothe your inner artist.

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