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Monument Valley Fine Art Landscape Photography

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While talking about the national park's photography prints, we can't forget monument valley landscape photography. It is an iconic, prominent and famous place for taking national park photos to sell. Many beautiful spots are only waiting for the perfect angles. Thus, I want to explore all of these spots because I know what my followers would love to see. However, for taking monument valley landscape photography, you have to wait for the perfect time. Monument Valley is a unique place on Earth, created by nature and protected by the Navajo Indian tribe, the largest reservation in the United States. Until now, communication is poorly received in this area. Also, in some places, there is no water and electricity. But the Navajo Indians continue to live here and lead tours of this ancient land. This place is the national symbol of the United States, made millions of years ago by the power of water and wind. You can see it in most American Westerns of different years, because it is nothing more than the Wild West itself, or rather, one of the territories related to this definition. Monument Valley is located in Utah, on the very border with the state of Arizona. The very road to this place can be considered a national treasure, because this is the endless American desert highways, going somewhere far beyond the horizon, where you may not meet a single car in half an hour. All this has been preserved here!

Monument Valley winter photo, Alexander Vershinin, luxury photo

"Hymn Of Liberty" Navajo Monument Valley, Limited Edition Photo Print, Utah, USA.
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The best time to take Monument Valley landscape photographs is early morning and before sunset, I can't even say which I liked better. In the morning and evening, the sun falls on the rocks at different angles, illuminating them beautifully. Ideally, you can take pictures and walk in the Valley both in the morning and in the evening. As for the time of year, I can say that the Valley is good at any time of the year, including snowy winters. But for comfortable weather, combined with low prices and the least number of tourists, travel in mid-spring and early autumn.

Monument Valley Fine Art photo, Alexander Vershinin, luxury photo

"A Memorial To Nothingness" Monument Valley Park, Utah, USA.

Ideally, it takes a couple of days of leisurely walking, including one overnight stay, to visit the park and take beautiful landscape photos. The minimum time is a few hours before sunset, but then you will reach your next destination on the route late in the evening. For example, if you decide to spend the night in a popular tourist place - the city of Page, AZ, the journey will take from two to two and a half hours. There you will find Antelope Canyon and a breathtakingly beautiful Horseshoe Bend - one of the hallmarks of American Southwest landscape photography.

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