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New Zealand Landscape Photography By Alexander Vershinin

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If you watch New Zealand landscape photography, then it’s hard not to fall in love. It is more like a heaven for people who love to see nature. I am also one of those people. I'm Alexander Vershinin, a genuine nature and landscape lover. Due to my deep affection, I found photography a perfect way to express my inner feelings. In my entire life, I never saw a more beautiful country than New Zealand. According to the annual reports, New Zealand is one of the safest countries that is naturally beautiful. So, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity of natural beauty and perfect frames. So, let’s learn more about the photogenic beauty of this heaven on earth.

New Zealand nature photography, Moeraki Boulders, Alexander Vershinin, luxury photo

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New Zealand landscape Photo Art

New Zealand's nature is unmatchable. There are so many places there that we can't fit them all into one post. But despite beautiful landscapes, waterfalls, and mountains, it's not guaranteed that you can capture a good shot. The beauty of any place and a perfect shot are two separate things. But I wanted to test whether I justify the photography awards that I have won. So, my exploring personality took me to New Zealand. I constantly observed the beautiful landscape, mountains, rainforests, and stunning beaches as a nature photographer. So, there was everything that a photographer could imagine for a perfect shot. In short, New Zealand is a dream place for many photographers like me. Above all, if you decide to visit here in the summers, it's the best time to take advantage of bright light and green meadows.

My opinion about this photogenically beautiful place

"In my opinion, the best photographer is one who takes care of the perfect angles and different viewpoints."

In my view, beauty has no limit, and we can find it anywhere. But we need the right eye and talent to see the hidden charm of the objects. The other name of New Zealand landscape photography is beautiful. Yes, it is the ideal location for people who want to take perfect landscapes with detailing and visionary results. Before visiting there, I searched all the possible aspects of this place. However, as a first thing, I searched about the fellow photographers and their work. I don't hesitate to accept many valuable tips and photography hacks that I learned from there. So, I wanted to design a place where people can take advantage of my skills, knowledge, and photoshoots. You all are invited if you want to see New Zealand through my camera lens.

My reasons to visit the South Island: Most photogenic place

If you have a bit of awareness about New Zealand landscape photography, I hope you know the incredibleness of it. Every corner of this place is breathtaking, and the South Island location is nothing less than scenery. The New Zealand nature South Island is filled with oceans, beaches, and mountains. When I first saw this beauty, it felt like I'm standing right in the middle of heaven. Apart from this, it is nothing less than a blessing for a photographer when he can find a perfect shot. Moreover, the untouched beauty of this region of New Zealand is spectacular. My love for the outdoor settings, nature, and beautiful New Zealand landscape photography took me here. Above all, from the start, I knew that South Island is a nature-friendly destination. I want to share with you the tips that I learned through this photography experience.

Top tips for taking New Zealand landscape photography

I want to give a ray of direction to all those photographers who are planning to go there. I have mentioned earlier that South Island is the most photogenic destination in New Zealand. Here are the top tips that I want to share with my friends interested in tours like this.

  • Before going out for destination shooting, don't forget to pack the camera equipment properly. Apart from this, charge the cameras properly because it will be a hassle if the camera turns off right in the middle of the shot.
  • Moreover, there are so many things that you can capture. So, in such a great New Zealand nature environment, you may have to take many angles to find the best shot. So, with this condition, don't forget to keep the extra SD card for backup. I know how it feels when there is a perfect angle in front of your eyes, and you don't have space to capture that.
  • Apart from this, if you have a photographic background, you are already aware of the camera setting. But if you are unaware of this fact, then I'm mentioning it here. It will help if you don’t leave the building without checking the camera settings. I know no one wants to take the blurry or bad angled shots.
If you keep all of these suggestions in your mind, then you are few steps behind from taking a perfect shot. There is a small yet vital step that differentiates between an expert and beginner-level photographer.

New Zealand landscape photography: An expert guide

After reaching New Zealand, or rather heaven on the Earth, I wanted to capture memories for my followers and me. Due to this urge, I took every possible step to capture this place's ultimate beauty. So, here are the top tricks that I used to take the perfect shots.

I chose the time of the day wisely

"I recommend every photographer not to take photos in harsh light. Instead of this, try taking in soft light to enhance the lovely and glow look."

I was already aware of the qualities that let a photographer take the best shot. So, one of those things is the time of the day. Yes, you have to decide the time when there is a perfect light wisely. Most of the top photographers choose the soft light to capture the real feelings of the objects. Moreover, in my opinion, sunset and sunrise are the perfect timings for taking photos. But if you can't manage taking pictures in sunlight, then there are many times of the day when beauty shines in its full glory. Apart from this fact, I genuinely believe that places like New Zealand can produce good pictures in whatever conditions and lighting. Still, if you want to enhance the beauty and charm, then take proper care of the lighting and time.

Don’t hesitate from weather conditions

The weather of New Zealand is unpredictable. But as an expert, I'm suggesting that you don't need to hesitate. It is that part of the world where you can produce amazing photos irrespective of the weather conditions. Yes, it is entirely possible to take perfect pictures, even if the sky is covered with clouds or a rainbow. You can see my New Zealand landscape photography collection to witness how beautifully I use my camera to capture beauty. But I adjusted the camera setting in a way that made sure the proper exposure and balance. Moreover, you will feel it's nothing less than a blessing for a photographer to capture the beauty in its original colors.

Take as many photos as possible

If you visit a place filled with natural beauty and beautiful sceneries, then take as many photos as possible. Yes, it is a fact because you can't justify the beauty with one or two shots. Moreover, don’t forget to capture the object that you think is least attractive. The object you think is least attractive may be highly appealing for your followers. So, don't miss a single chance and take as many shots as you can. I tried many angles, color combinations, and settings to take the pictures. Above all, I want to mention that creativity plays a vital role in making or breaking any photographer's career. So, I thought that my different styles might be aesthetically pleasing for followers. Moreover, my main aim was to justify the New Zealand nature with skills and experience.

South Island Photogenic places: My perspective of seeing New Zealand nature

Wanaka Tree, Wanaka Lake, New Zealand landscape, Alexander Vershinin, luxury fineart photo

"Sacramentum" Wanaka Lake Tree, 55 Copies Limited Edition Photo Print, New Zealand.
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Sacramentum: Wanaka tree photography

"Walking on the sides of the lake finding a perfect shot is truly a beautiful sight."

If you are aware of the top photogenic destinations of New Zealand, then I hope you have heard about Wanaka tree photography. It is among the most popular destinations that no photographer can miss. It is an iconic tree that is situated on the bay of Wanaka lake. While capturing this iconic tree right in the middle of the lake, it felt like the best feeling at that time. Some people hate this tree. On the other hand, people like me love it because it is a perfect object for photography.

  • In the art piece, you can see how the background of the yellow trees, mountains, and excellent weather enhances the beauty of the shot.
  • The Wanaka Tree is almost 100 years old, standing alone in Lake Wanaka's cool water. So, it's an honor to take photos of an object that is a century old.
  • There are dozens of photographers who have tried their abilities while finding a shot of this tree. The Internet is full of Wanaka tree photographs, but it's truly a struggle to find the one that matches your aesthetics.
Wanaka lake tree is a tourist attraction that is worth visiting. Apart from this, it is the most photographed destination. So, you can read my New Zealand landscape photography guide to know the fantastic tips.

Meoraki Boulder picture, New Zealand Fine Art, Alexander Vershinin, luxury fineart photo

"Sovereignty" New Zealand Moeraki Boulders, 55 Copies Limited Edition Photo Print.
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Sovereignty: South Island

Have you ever seen calmness and aesthetics in a single frame? If not, then fine art photography is here to offer the best combination of both of these qualities. While visiting here, I was feeling pressured to take a shot before the perfect sunlight disappeared. South Island is a bit similar to the Moeraki boulders photographs. It is one of those places where you keep your camera on standby all the time. Moreover, you never know the moment that will help take the photo with perfect light, angle, and everything. So, here are the tips that I followed to capture this:

  • I moved quickly with the waves to capture the actual width and depth of this beautiful sea. I knew it was one of the best beaches on the South Island, and I wanted to bring my followers the perfect shot.
  • I know the beauty of New Zealand nature takes people's breath away. So, I wanted to bring the same vibes to my followers. Due to this, I took as many shots as possible to decide the best one later.
If you closely look at this art piece, it seems we see an object that is out of this world. So, I take this opinion as a compliment, and a photographer can't feel more satisfied than this. The perfect light, mountains, water, and all other tiny objects in this picture have my heart.

New Zealand landscape photography to buy

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