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If you want yourself to be on the list of Norway landscape photography, you made quite the right decision. Photographers need to select suitable destinations that are popular and beautiful. Any photographer's career depends on the place they choose to show skills; as an expert nature photographer I learned all of these things in a complex way. But I want to create a straightforward way for my followers. I am Alexander Vershinin, and today I will take you on the journey of Norway. In the initial days of my photography career, I always wanted to find a perfect guide that taught me basics by showing the art pieces as an example. So, let’s start the journey of Norway landscape photographs.

Lofoten Islands, fishermen village, Alexander Vershinin, Norway photo

"Cover Of Blizzard" Lofoten Islands, Limited Edition Photo Print, Norway Landscape Photography Collection.
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A helpful guide to Norway landscape photography

If you are interested in Norway landscapes, I hope you have heard about the Lofoten photographs and Senja pictures. But in today's writing, we will discuss my experience and the things that I learned during the journey. Norway is one of the best travel destinations in the world. It is a place that can take your breath away with beautiful views and mesmerizing sceneries. We can say that Norway is the land of wonders and one of the brightest Scandinavian jewels. Sometimes, it's pretty hard to capture the natural beauty and colors of the landscape. But this is something that draws a line between an expert and a beginner photographer.

Senja, Asgard, Alexander Vershinin, Norway photo

"Asgard" Senja, Limited Edition Photo Print, Norway Landscape Photography Collection.
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My urge to choose Norway

"I'm the one who goes with the wind to find the best shots to capture"

In ordinary and general opinion, Norway is known as the land of natural blessings, beauties, deep forests, and great mountains. In simple words, there is enough beauty that makes the shot special and catchy. It was quite a tough decision for me to choose between Norway and other parts of Europe. But my passion for landscape photography took me to Norway. There was harsh weather even if I was on the warm side of Lofoten island. Above all, the strong wind was one of the biggest challenges for me. There are the following styles of the landscape that I follow most of the time.

  • Representational style in which I show sceneries in the most natural and realistic style
  • Impressionistic style in which the image has vague or subtle qualities.
  • And last but not least, abstract Norway landscape photography, in which I treat components of pictures as graphic elements.
But I understood that if I want good shots in return, I have to bear these circumstances. So, I prepared myself and stepped onto the land of beautiful scenery and magical landscapes.

Lofoten Islands, shelter, Alexander Vershinin, Norwegian photo

"Witchcraft" Lofoten Islands, Limited Edition Photo Print, Norway Landscape Photography Collection.
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Norway's best-kept secret: Norwegian beauty

Preparedness is the first step that provides the base of all other things. So, before going to Norway, I was well prepared and thoroughly planned about the places I was going to visit. Apart from this, many famous landscape photographers worked as my mentor. This knowledge helped me to learn there are different approaches to landscape photography. We should know that landscape photography is a section or portion of the scenery that we can see from a single viewpoint. In simple words, we can call Norway landscape photography the scenery. So, it is quite a treat when you have a perfect art piece that you can hang in your place. I am sure Senja pictures and Lofoten photographs will have a good impact on the mood.

Senja photography, Norway coast, Alexander Vershinin, Fine Art photo

"Aria Of Bravery" Lofoten Islands, Limited Edition Photo Print, Norway Landscape Photography Collection.
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Tips for capturing the Norwegian beauty

When you step into Norway, beautiful landscapes, mountains, and peaks are something that you watch. If you are a nature photographer, then it's hard to resist these beautiful scenes. If you are there to take photos, then it will help if you learn through my experience. So, here are the tips that I learned through my experience.

Decide a perfect time of the year

Norway landscape photography is enough to take your breath away. So, if you want to capture the scenes of your choice, then pay attention to time. For instance, if you're going to catch the sun, then head towards Northern Norway between May and July. Your shot can’t be complete without adding the Norwegian light in the frame. Later, you can make the perfect color combinations that go with your theme. You can see my Norway landscape photography collection to see the lighting effects that I used.

Accompany perfect equipment

Before visiting Norway and capturing Lofoten photographs and Senja pictures, remember weather is unpredictable. So, it is vital to accompany the perfect camera gear, tools, and equipment. In this way, you will be able to capture the beauty in difficult weather conditions. Above all, with the help of the right equipment, there are more chances of capturing angles that you like the most. I used the perfect combination of colors, filters, and equipment to capture the moment. Apart from this, here are the following tips that you can learn from my experience to capture the best moments. So, follow these rules to grab the Scandinavian jewels.
  • Keep yourself informed about the locations that are beautiful and popular.
  • It will help if you can bring extra camera batteries in case of need.
  • Take as many pictures as you can; later, you can extract the best shots.
  • Plan your photography tour ahead of time because it will help you to take the pictures in perfect sunlight.
Apart from this, take the extra camera gears in case any damage happens. These are small yet vital tips to take the striking images that will take you into the zone of expert photographers.

Lofoten photography, Norway village, Alexander Vershinin, Fine Art photo

"Engulfed In Eternal Frost" Lofoten Islands, Limited Edition Photo Print, Norway Landscape Photography Collection.
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Perfect places to capture Norwegian beauty

"I always appreciate sunrise and sunset because it gives the best lighting for pictures"

People who are interested in Norway landscape photos to purchase should pay attention to the small yet vital details. The detailing of the picture is something that makes or breaks the aesthetics. Here are the top places that I chose to capture the beauty in Norway landscape photography.

Norwegian Fjords Photography

Norwegian Fjords are like a dream for every photographer. It is one of those places that can take you away from the hassles of this fast-paced world. Yes, it can happen just by seeing the beauty in a frame. The tall peaks, coastal lines, solid rocks, and blue sky is nothing less than magical. I wanted to justify the beauty of this place by capturing the best shots. It was the time when it was vital to use my intuitions. Thus, now you can see my exclusive Norway landscape photography to witness my abilities. It looks like a sight that directly came from heaven. So, it can surely grab the attention of many people if you hang this art piece in your place.

Lofoten, Norway red house, fisherman shelter, lone house, Alexander Vershinin, Fine Art photo

"Wild At Heart" Lofoten Islands, Limited Edition Photo Print, Norway Landscape Photography Collection.
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Lofoten photographs: Norwegian islands

If you want to see and capture the natural Norwegian beauty, don't forget to visit Lofoten island. I preferred the Lofoten photographs because I knew they would attract and impress my followers. However, it is a place where you can witness everything from snow capped mountains, perfect sunlight to beautiful coastlines. I wanted to take the perfect shots, so I went out hiking. It was one of the best ways to capture the natural beauty of Lofoten island in my experience. Moreover, I took as many pictures as possible. This was the only way to bring the best of this place to my audience.

Lofoten Islands, fishermen village, Alexander Vershinin, Norway photo

"Norge" Lofoten Islands, Limited Edition Photo Print, Norway Landscape Photography Collection.
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Evenings of Norway

If you want to see the true epitome of grace, class, and beauty, then don't forget the landscapes of Norway. Many farm-sized small villages across Norway are situated higher than the Fjords. Here you can see sheep that are grazing, mountains, and water lakes. I did full justice with this shot and took the right camera angle to bring the epitome of beauty. There you can see the sky that is glowing and filled with white cotton-like clouds. I was aware these are minor details, but they help make the aesthetics of any art piece. So, I gave full attention to these small yet vital details.

Senja photography, wilky way, Alexander Vershinin, starry Fine Art photo

"Citadel" Senja Mountains, Limited Edition Photo Print, Norway Landscape Photography Collection.
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Norway landscape photos to buy

The other name of Norway is majesty and beauty. It is undoubtedly an incredible sight if you choose to hang this beauty in your home or office. So, if you are interested in Norway landscape photos to buy, then visit my main photo art gallery page. Moreover, you have the option of placing customized orders. But don't drag the decision because we have an exclusive and limited collection that will soon go out of stock. Moreover, if you face any technical issue, then there is customer support to help. So, don't wait and take advantage of this best shopping experience of art pieces.

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