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White Desert Photography Art

Egyptian Sahara Landscape Photos From Alexander Vershinin

Do you know that Egyptian unique places are famous among tourists and photographers? Yes, it’s true most of the tourists come with a checklist of places where they want to visit during their stay. Apart from this, Sahara white desert is like heaven for the photographers. But it’s not everyone’s cup of tea to capture the magical and eternal beauty of this place. I run a photography gallery where I aim to decorate your houses and workplaces with the captivating beauty of this world. Thus, I will take you on a tour of Egyptian unique places to show the stunning beauty with this moto today.

White Desert, Sahara, Egyptian Art, Egypt, Alexander Vershinin, photo

"The Bright Side" Milky Way Above The White Desert in Sahara, Limited Edition Photo Print, Sahara Desert in Egypt.
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My urge behind choosing beauty of Egyptian unique places: Sahara white desert

The day I started a fine art photography studio, I wanted to capture scenic beauty. Thus, while finding top places, my search stopped after seeing the white desert in Egypt. I couldn’t overlook the most spectacular landscape of Egypt. Moreover, it seems like a place where God gives me enough power to my camera lens. However, in the white desert national park, I feel like I had perfect scenic beauty to calm my brain. If you are wondering about Egyptian unique places, then here is a little glimpse of this heaven on earth.

Egypt, Sahara Desert, White Desert in Egypt, Alexander Vershinin, photo

"The Answer" Sahara Desert, Limited Edition Photo Print, Egypt, White Desert Landscape Photography Collection.
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Sahara white desert: A scenic Egyptian beauty

Sahara white desert is a famous national park in Egypt, and I hope you have already heard about this place. However, it is in the Farafra depression that is up to 45km away from the north of the Qsar. The Park is filled with white rocks, dunes, sand, and beautiful sights of cliffs. Here are the following factors due to which I was dying to visit this place.

  • There are many salt lakes in Sahara white desert. Thus, these salt lakes shine like a crystal during the golden hour.
  • Moreover, I saw that all the plants and trees were covered in salt. However, it was pretty fascinating, and I knew I would add more beauty to these elements through my camera lens.
  • The salty and dunes look like the desert is covered with snow, and everything has frosted.
Apart from the cliffs and sands, my eyes witnessed several species of the animals. It was the first time when my camera caught a great combination of beauty with natural habitat. In the first glimpse, it feels like Alice is looking through the glass. The sand, formation, and cliffs present captivating views in the sunset and sunrise. However, all of these were the main reason I couldn't stop my artistic self.

Desert Rocks, Sahara, Egypttian Photography, White Desert Photo, Alexander Vershinin, photo

"Into The Wind" Egyptian Fine Art Photography, Limited Edition Photo Print, Sahara White Desert, Egypt.
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The beauty of Sahara white desert through my camera lens

"White sand is what makes the Sahara Desert so beautiful. It seems this place is hiding all crystal gems of this world."

During my tour, I noticed that the rock formation of this place is quite dramatic. However, it wasn’t less than a challenge to take photos that could justify the eternal beauty. Above all, the golden hour was my favorite, and I didn't want to miss weird rock balancing on top of the white pillars. In my "Fine art Sahara white desert collection" I didn't miss taking photos from the tallest point that is above 353m from sea level. In addition to this, I couldn’t resist taking pictures in the night setting. After seeing this art collection you will surely remind the arctic landscape. Yes, the beauty isn't less than a character, and it feels we are wondering in Iceland. You can witness all these expressions in my collection that I specially dedicated to the people who love to hang scenic beauty at their place.

Egyptian Art, Sahara, desert, rocks, Alexander Vershinin photo

"Ruined Throne" White Desert, Limited Edition Photo Print, Sahara Desert Egypt Landscape Photography Collection.
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Fine art photography Sahara Desert collection

For me visiting and taking pictures of the Sahara white desert was an unforgettable experience. Thus, if you ask my opinion, then it was excellent and captivating. The sculpture formations look eternal when the orange lights hit the rocks and cliffs. So, if you are among those who want to see the infinite frosted desert, then see my collection of Egyptian unique places. I always come with a limited edition collection because I aim to provide unique beauty from different beautiful parts of the world.

Molky way, desert, Sahara, White desert, Egypt, Alexander Vershinin photo

"An Ancient Sea Remains" Egyptian Landscape Photo, White Desert Limited Edition Photo Print, Sahara, Egypt.
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