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Australian Landscape photography by Alexander Vershinin

twelve Apostles fine art nature prints for sale

If you are fond of Australian landscape photography, visit my main website to see some mesmerizing photos. I wanted to add the Twelve Apostles fine art photography to my collection for my photography career. So, this place always had a particular spot in my heart. It was not an easy task to take the perfect shot of the Twelve Apostles photos - but it was the real exam of my award-winning abilities. Thus, I took it as passion and captured the right moments to add my Twelve Apostles photos to purchase.

Australian nature photography, Twelve Apostles, Alexander Vershinin, luxury photo

"After The Storm" Twelve Apostles, Australian Coast, Limited Edition Photo Print, 55 copies.
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My urge to choose Australian landscape photography

"My main aim isn't to shoot what it looks like, but I want to capture the real feel of the place."

If you look at my "Blood And Iron" Twelve Apostles fine art photography, then you can see the clear difference between a professional and an expert artist. The Twelve Apostles is the ultimate highlight of the breathtaking places you should add to your bucket list. Apart from this, it would be an excellent sight for the eyes if you hang Australian landscape photography at your place. So, while planning the trip to Australia, I made sure not to miss the Twelve Apostles beauty. The perfect combination of the water, rocks, and beautiful sky are like a treat for the eyes. However, it took time and effort to record the perfect shot. I waited for so long to capture the moment of waves. I had to wait until the time when the sun “squeezes” to capture the magical moment. But it was the real exam of my skills, and I didn't want to disappoint my followers.

"Blood And Iron"

If you are interested in Twelve Apostles photos to buy, then you can visit my “Blood And Iron” page. My exclusive "Blood And Iron" print is depicting the natural beauty of the Australian landscape. Thus, I wanted to capture the perfect shot; that's why I chose the sunset time. I don't think there could be a better view than this. Moreover, the rocks that are standing still in the water look like treasure. Thus, I chose the name "Blood and Iron" for this limited edition photo print due to this inspiration. You can place a customized order if you want to purchase anything in a desired size. Moreover, you will not face any issues and complaints regarding the quality of the photos.

twelve apostles, Australia landscape, Alexander Vershinin, luxury fineart photo

"Blood And Iron" Twelve Apostles Park in Australia, Limited Edition Photo Print, 55 copies.
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Twelve Apostles landscape photos

"I learned that life gives limited chances to capture the perfect shot, so don't waste it. However, as a nature photographer, I know it's hard to live with regrets."

It took me many days, and I struggled to find the perfect place and perfect shot. But after seeing the Twelve Apostles, my search ended. After finding the location, I looked at the sky and found it golden and red. Thus, it was the time when I discovered that it is something that I want to add to my shot. The sky represented the "After the storm" view; that's why I named my collection on this. If you look at my Australian fine art photography collection, then the horizon is saying so much. So, I don’t think I could have found any better shot than this.

Twelve Apostles landscape photos for sale: Australian fine art photography

While capturing the Twelve Apostles landscape photography, I waited for the crucial moment. You can see in my limited-edition collection that the cliffs are shining and depicting the perfect situation after the storm. I used the wide-angle lens to catch the natural beauty and effects of the storm. The waves are giving a surreal effect. Due to this, I was amazed by the final look and results of the photos. If you want to add this mesmerizing piece to your home or office, my website is open for customized orders. Like a good photographer, I know the ground where I'm standing with my professional abilities. Moreover, I know a good artist doesn't simply take the photo, he also works hard to make the perfect image and frame. But my hard work in the form of Twelve Apostles photos for sale is now available. So, don’t wait and decorate your place with beautiful art pieces.

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