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Alexander Vershinin - The Famous Landscape Photographer


Alexander Vershinin known as the Supreme Master of Professional Landscape Photography. Much like portraiture and fashion photography, fine art landscape photography is an almost mandatory genre for photographers during the formation of their professional careers. And not just photography - nature has always been a great source of inspiration for Alexander Vershinin, since the dawn of time. Its beauty, wonders, endless secrets, remarkable variety and vastness beyond imagination grace so many canvases, papers, screens, shape many stones and metals, and are told through endless streams of the world. Alexander Vershinin is by far the one most important name among famous landscape photographers. He is a photographer who first found himself fascinated by nature as a child. We can tell, judging by the passion found in his scenes. For twenty years, he's been a significant contributor to Photography Industry. Vershinin is a famous landscape photographer and environmentalist whole prints are the perfect evidence that the work that happens after pressing the shutter button is extremely important. He is not an ordinary photographer; he is an amazing artist. He started his professional career in the early 2000s. According to the magazine Peer Space he now is one of the Top Ten fine art landscape photographers in the world. He is a very passionate and famous landscape photographer. During his amazing career, he traveled about 40 countries and took part in a lot of expeditions. Starting as a hobby now he become one of the most famous fine art nature photographer. Now he wants to share his amazing captures for everyone through his fine art photographer website. Alexander Vershinin has captured that true essence with the eye of an artist while keeping the consistent and visual aesthetic of one of the most thrilling destinations in the world. Alexander Vershinin's work is strong, bold and unique; every image he capture packs a fantastic punch with his compositions bordering on both the ambitious and seductive. Alex has gained worldwide respect and exposure with his entire portfolio serving as a true testament to nature. He captures landscapes in the most unconventional ways and actively works to give back by offering workshops and instructional videos to provide insight into his creative processes and techniques. As an artist, he enjoys pushing the boundaries of natural imagery. As a truly modern photographer, he does not struggle to recognize the importance of post-production and uses various technologies to ensure his images speak the languages he so desires. With a passion for creating ever since he was a child, Alex has a vast talent for fine art landscape photography, nature photography and travel and adventure photography. It's no surprise that his work was selected for the Annual GEO calendar in 2016. And part of the work was bought by famous Educa - a puzzles manufacturing company and you will find puzzles with his photo arts in different stores around the world. He also is a proud member of reputable organizations like The North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA), The International Association of Panoramic Photographers (IAPP), Creative Asia Photo Association and the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) and many more. His work is a perfect reflection of his passion for landscapes and his adventurous lifestyle. What we love the most about his work is his incredible ability to blend the human spirit of adventure with the magnificence of nature, which serves as a great example of innovation. Unlike any other photographer, it is breathtaking to see how snape intricately weaves the theme of adventure into his work. Because of this, he serves as a great inspiration for any and every photographer who loves adventures and landscapes. If you to feel the taste of adventure at your place, then you must need Alexander Vershinin Fine art landscape photography prints. His artworks will blow your mind and give a magical energy. And it is really cool to have a fine art photographs in your home.

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