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Museum Quality Limited Edition Mounted And Framed Photography Prints For Sale

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If you're like most discerning homeowners or entrepreneurs, you want your space to ooze class, style, and sophistication. That's where the difference between normal store-bought paintings and handmade fine art acrylic photographs to buy comes in. Alexander Vershinin is obsessed with the beauty of the natural world, capturing it daily through his unique lens with acrylic nature prints. What sets Alex apart is his custom-made framed fine art photography, available as Lumachrome Gallery Deluxe - something that has to be seen to be believed. Lumachrome isn't a type of paper. It's a unique process and proprietary technology first created by Nevada Art Printer's Robert Park. This talented printer and photographer created the process to showcase truly unique photographic prints, and since then, the Lumachrome process for acrylic face-mounted landscape photographs has spread like wildfire across the globe, surpassing the frustrating limitations of conventional inkjet and Fujiflex chromogenic processes. The Lumachrome process is a powerful way to intensify vibrancy, resolution, and clarity, while making fine details pop. An acrylic nature print produced via Lumachrome is almost always instantly recognizable, with an almost 3D-like effect that looks as though it's backlit - no electricity needed. Lumachrome prints also feature holographic-like characteristics, owing to a transparency layer infused with iridium particles. Alexander Vershinin's acrylic face-mounted landscape photographs are further encapsulated in a suspended layer, nestled between the acrylic and white poly surface. Vershinin's limited edition fine art prints produced via the Lumachrome processes feature brilliant colors that are immune to the damaging hands of time - for up to 120 years, in fact. With Vershinin's work, you're guaranteed outstanding detail, luminosity, glow, dimensionality, and 3D depth. Each statement piece Alexander produces is unlike any other, with a limited number of prints available - so order your framed fine art photography now to avoid disappointment. You won't find limited edition fine art prints like these anywhere else online.
Alexander Vershinin, Luxury Limited Edition Art, photo