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A lot of the world's most devout art enthusiasts, of my fine art prints, have discovered Peter Lik's prints and Peter Lik photography style photos through his galleries and decided to search the web to see what alternatives exist. The most common thing they say to me is that my photography and Peter Lik prints for sale look similar. People say that Alexander Vershinin photography and Peter Link photography are similar in many ways. I respect him and his work. I viewed Peter Lik prints for sale, and they are amazing. We both are very passionate about our work. Peter Lik is a fantastic landscape photographer, and I've admired his work for years. I'm endlessly passionate about inspiring fellow photographers to level-up their game, and I've always got a piece of advice for beginner photographers similar to Peter Lik, looking to sculpt their own personal style when capturing nature photographs - be your style like Peter Lik’s or not. While I do encourage beginners to find inspiration in the photographic masters of our world, I urge you - please never blatantly copy other framed fine art photography. J. Trout, renowned American marketing professional, has shown on multiple occasions that blind copying never works. There's a fine line (yet a huge gap) between taking inspiration from someone and flat-out copying them. Trout's advice is to strive for the prior in today's competitive world - in both business and art. I always advise budding photographers to pour their heart and soul into every photograph they produce, keeping the work of masters in mind - without blatantly copying. The audience never accepts clones from imitators. Take Kuindzhi - a prime example. Arkhip Kuindzhi was a world-famous Russian landscape painter (of Greek descent) born in 1842 and passed on in 1910! Kuindzhi completed his world-renowned artwork, "Moonlight Night on the Dnieper" back in 1880, after which he produced several of his copies. Each is considered an original. However, were other artists to make their copy too, we doubt it would get a 5-star review from critics. No matter how great the art is, it's still an obvious copy that wasn't produced by the original artist. Framed fine art photography like this is usually referred to as a "reproduction" instead. If you want to avoid your work being seen as a reproduction, it's important to find your own style and be original. Trust me - forget about success for a moment and focus on your unique spirit. In my opinion, you should always put passion ahead of profit, doing what makes you happy first - and pursuing what you believe in. The rest, including numbers, will fall into place. Focus first on creativity. Test to find what works and nurture the chemistry between you and your camera. Discover your own shooting techniques, and if you find something new and original, embrace it - the market will go crazy for it! Always show buyers something new that's never been done before - without ignoring the greats, but without copying them either. Start taking your camera with you wherever you go. Because you never know when mother nature will come out to play in all her glory - which usually happens in the most unexpected of places. Peter Lik, a fine art landscape photographer, hailing from Australia, has gone on to become a household name. With galleries scattered across the USA and prints selling for millions of dollars, his work certainly creates a buzz. Rightly so. His acrylic face-mounted prints look stunning, so let's take a deeper look into what has become known as the "Peter Lik Photography Style".

Alexander Vershinin, Peter Lik Photography prints for sale, Fine Art

Peter Lik's Photography Style

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Hawaii, Nevada, California, New York, Utah and several more are shot by an Australian landscape photographer - Peter Lik. He stands at the pinnacle of photographing stunning scenes and consequently becoming a world-renowned personality. He was born after World War II, in 1959 in Melbourne, Australia. On his eighth birthday, he was gifted a Kodak Brownie box camera, and he used it to take the first photo of his life. He photographed a spider web in the family home's garden. Then onwards, whenever he went on a family holiday, he took pictures of the ocean and the country scenes around him. This practice continued even when he went on road trips into the backwoods of Australia and into the city. He was often accompanied by his friend, Michael Plumridge, who was a photographer himself. As a photographer, Peter Lik managed to construct his image in a way that he won awards of Master Photographer from the Professional Photographers of America and the Australian Institute of Professional Photography. By The Royal Photographic Society and British Institute of Professional Photographers, he has received fellowship awards. His work has been sold for millions of dollars, and he owns thirteen galleries. Famous people like celebrities and presidents are counted in his list as the collectors of his work. After ‘From the Edge’ with Peter Lik, a television series produced by NBC, Lik has become a household name. Peter Lik's prints include Sacred Sunrise, Ancient Spirit, Tree of Life, Ghost and Angel's Heart. A photo by him, titled One, was sold for one million dollars and from then he was considered an exceptional photographer with no boundaries of imagination and achievement. Peter Lik's main styles in taking photographs are either horizontal or vertical panoramic views. Another thing that is good about this man is that he presents his photographs with equal effort. As much as the photo is important, its framing, printing, and quality of paper is also essential. Many viewers find a kind of "glow" in the colors of his photo prints. They often feel that there is light behind the frame - a somewhat mysterious yet successful approach by Lik. Images by him have become an inspiration for many young photographers who are also willing to work on sceneries, landscapes and cityscapes. I use similar methods to Peter Lik, that's true, but add his technique and artistry to create images that speak vividly. There are many similarities between us. We are both self-taught, love shooting landscapes, and use Medium format cameras. We've even both captured the untamed beauty of unusual spots around the globe. We also both approach our photos with determination and patience. The skill, lighting, and composition required for the photographic process we use don't allow for leeway. In comparison, I am a similar photographer to Peter Lik, just because often we use the same sceneries and spots for our photos, though not exactly the same. We share an obvious passion for breathtaking landscapes and developing our own photography style and methods.

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