FUJIFLEX LIMITED EDITION PRINTS | Alexander Vershinin Landscape Photography

Panoramic Super Glossy Fine Art Photographs

Alexander Vershinin, Luxury, Fine Art, Framed Art
Taking care of the highest quality of our fine art prints, we print them only on Fujiflex professional photo paper - the top-end hi-tech paper, that is most suitable for landscape panoramic photography: Fujiflex contains silver crystals, making it glow under direct light, which allows you to achieve an incredible visual "burning from inside" effect at home or in the office. All prints are made under close surveillance of experienced stuff and each one is carefully inspected before being sent to you. All works are limited edition format of 55 or 777 copies. Each print is signed and numbered by me, and is accompanied by Certificate of Authenticity. Any unframed Fujiflex print from my gallery will be delivered to you in a hard, well-packed tube. Also, please note, that you can order already acrylic facemounted and even framed photographs from our workshop. In this case, it will be not just Fujiflex print, but already a full-fledged Lumachrome Gallery Deluxe edition museum quality art.
Alexander Vershinin, Luxury, Fine Art, Nature Prints