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Five benefits of installing framed contemporary art in your home

Framed contemporary wall art is an important part of interior design, often adding the finishing touches to the overall look or design of a room. Indeed, the walls in a home should feature more than simply paint and wallpaper. Custom large photo prints can transform the somewhat boring painted wall into a powerful form of self-expression. Ultimately, the home becomes an extension of your unique personality as you carefully select custom wall art for different rooms or spaces. With that said, here are five benefits to incorporating framed photographs for interior design.

Modern art for the home provides a focal point

Every room requires a focal point, whether that be wall art for a bedroom, living room, or study. Ideally, you don’t want guests focusing their attention on the furniture or floor of your home. The best wall prints for a living room, for example, will be large pieces that draw the eye and make a powerful statement of some kind. On the other hand, the kitchen might be better suited to a collage of smaller prints slightly more subdued in nature. Whatever the focal point, make sure that the wall print is appropriate to the room. A canvas print in a wooden frame will look out of place in a room with a modern, vibrant aesthetic. Conversely, a print with a modern metallic frame will be unsuitable for a stately, old-world library or sitting room.

Framed contemporary wall art makes a home look more spacious

Large contemporary landscape photography prints in particular will make a room or unused space feel larger than it is. This is particularly beneficial to those that live in smaller apartments. Larger prints are also ideal for irregular or oddly shaped spaces that are unsuitable for anything else. For example, why not add some contemporary landscape photography to your staircase wall or at the end of that dark and unloved hallway?

Modern art for the home is a great value-for-money investment

As we touched on in the introduction, the best art for living room spaces has the power to completely transform your home. There is no need to spend tens of thousands of dollars on expensive home renovations to improve the look of a room. Framed photographs for interior design are also a great investment in art and artists. Perhaps you know a contemporary photographer who has a piece that is perfect for the entrance hall? Or maybe they offer their work in acrylic poster frames that match the décor of your bathroom?

Wall prints for the bedroom evoke certain feelings

Many of us naturally want our bedrooms to be a place of relaxation. When choosing the best art for the bedroom, be sure to consider the use of color and the role that certain colors play in creating mood or emotion. Wall prints for the bedroom that feature blue tones and that are more abstract in nature are perfect for creating an environment conducive to sleep. Those who see their bedroom as more of a passionate space should opt for prints with deep, rich red colors.

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Landscape Photographer Alexander Vershinin Framed Art For Your Home

Contemporary art gives more design versatility

Once you’ve chosen your custom large photo prints, you then have to decide on the frame. The options for framing the work of your favorite contemporary photographer are almost endless. Wood offers a warm and classic feel and comes in a variety of colors and textures based on the specific type of wood used. Solid black frames portray elegance and formality while white frames are perfect for a more casual vibe. Metallic frames are also becoming increasingly popular as a way of making a room more trendy or modern. They are particularly suited to large landscape photographs that characterize wall prints for the living room. Lastly, you should also consider eco-friendly frames. These frames are made from sustainably sourced wood that is not treated with nasty chemicals. Many are made from pulp or short pieces of wood leftover from frame production. In combination with recycled glass, these frames often give a rustic and unpretentious feel to your home. Conclusion The best art for a living room or bedroom is going to be something that delivers one or more of the aforementioned benefits. With some careful thought, wall art can provide a focal point in each room and make smaller homes appear more spacious. It also affords home-owners a powerful form of self-expression while allowing them to support their favorite artists. Lastly, a contemporary art installation should be thought of as a versatile and flexible form of design. By skilfully choosing frames and print colors, these elements can work together to invoke different feelings or emotions for every room in the home.

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