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Magic Forest

Oregon Photography Collection

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"Magic Forest"
Ref. Number:
0380 (Limited Edition - 777 copies)
Oregon, USA
Artist`s Tale:

Japanese Maple Tree - A Small Brilliant Of Oregon

In the picturesque state of Oregon, there is a breathtaking beauty that captivates all who have the privilege to witness it—the enchanting Japanese Maple tree. With its graceful branches and vibrant foliage, this tree stands as a testament to the harmonious blending of nature and culture. As the rays of the sun caress the leaves, an array of colors mesmerizes the beholder. Each leaf is like a delicate brushstroke, creating a tapestry of breathtaking beauty. Native to the wooded valleys of Japan, the Oregon Japanese Maple tree has found a second home in the lush landscapes of this captivating state. Its presence brings a touch of elegance to any garden or park, as it seamlessly fits into its surroundings. Whether standing tall amidst a sea of evergreens or nestled within a scenic nook of a botanical garden, the Japanese Maple tree becomes a focal point of tranquility and serenity. With their intricate and distinctive shapes, the branches of the Japanese Maple tree evoke a sense of delicate artistry. From sweeping arches to cascading branches, each tree holds a unique personality that adds character to its surroundings. As the cool breeze rustles through the leaves, a gentle whisper of tranquility fills the air, inviting passersby to pause and immerse themselves in the serene embrace of nature. For photographers, the Oregon Japanese Maple tree presents an irresistible subject, a true delight for the lens and photography goal. Whether capturing its splendor during the peak of autumn or exploring its tender blossoms in the spring, every photograph taken encapsulates the ephemeral beauty that makes this tree a timeless symbol of natural wonder. The Oregon Japanese Maple tree serves as a reminder of the interconnectedness of cultures and the immeasurable beauty that arises from their integration. It fosters a sense of appreciation and admiration for the natural world and the ability of nature to transcend borders. In conclusion, the Oregon Japanese Maple tree stands as a testament to the beauty found in the fusion of nature and culture. With its vibrant foliage, graceful branches, and tranquil ambiance, it captures the hearts and imaginations of all who have the privilege to behold it. This exquisite tree is not merely a decorative addition to the landscape but rather a stunning embodiment of the harmonious coexistence between human artistry and the natural world.
Finalist in Viewbug The One Tree Photo Contest - 2022.
Print Information:
Alexander Vershinin individually produces limited edition prints to the highest possible standards and prints them on world-leading photographic paper. The Fujiflex Crystal Archive is an ultra-high-gloss, museum-grade photographic paper, with archival properties spanning over 70 years. Also, we offer trade-marked printing and mounting technology such as the Lumachrome Gallery Deluxe, which has archival properties spanning over 120 years. Both technologies allow you to achieve extremely precise print quality, with the unique opportunity to display sharpness, contrast and color reproduction capabilities. The concentrated light hits the print, accumulates in the silver crystals, and reflects - creating the impression that a photograph is in 3D format and shining from inside. А photograph is placed on the metal dibond plate and under Lexan or Perspex—super transparent, non-shattering and antiglare "glass". This kind of acrylic defense is completely colorless and offers the best possible presentation of your print. It also blocks 98% of UV light and is highly resistant to weather, temperature and humidity changes, resulting in the best possible archival life. To finish the luxury design, we offer exclusive custom wooden Roma frames that allow you to get the museum quality in your art. To summarize, if you decide to buy any of our art - unframed print rolled in a hard tube, an acrylic face-mounted print float, or finished framed art - you will receive real collectible, exclusive photography art with the best quality you could find for sale.
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