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Africa Landscape Photography

African Landscape Photography, Namib, Alexander Vershinin, Namib Desert, sand dunes, Namibia, photo


Ref. Number:
0526 (Limited Edition - 55 copies)
Deadvlei, Namibia
Artist`s Tale:

Namib Desert: A Captivating Mirage of Sands and Shadows

In the heart of Southwestern Africa lies a mesmerizing landscape of ethereal beauty – the Namib Desert. Stretching for over 2,000 kilometers along the Atlantic coastline, this awe-inspiring desert is a fount of inspiration for photographers seeking to capture its captivating essence. Amidst the vast expanse of the Namib Desert, the undulating sand dunes stand as mighty sentinels, forever shaped by the whims of the wind. These intricate formations, sculpted by time itself, are like pieces of fine art strewn across nature`s canvas. Every curve and crevice tells a story, inviting the beholder to be transported to another world. The Namib Desert, often referred to as the "World`s Oldest Desert," is a symphony of contrasts. Its golden dunes, tinged with hues of red and orange, effortlessly merge with the cerulean sky, creating a surreal vista that seems to defy imagination. Here, the interplay of light and shadow adds an air of mystique, as if secrets are whispered among the grains of sand. For landscape photographer seeking to capture the enchantment of the Namib Desert, patience and keen observation are essential. The ever-shifting sands provide infinite possibilities, inviting artists to capture unique perspectives with every click of the camera. As the sun rises and sets, the dunes metamorphose, bathed in the warm glow of morning and evening light. It is during these moments that the true magic of the desert is revealed, unveiling a world unseen by many. The Namib Desert is not just a subject of fascination for photographers, but a delicate ecosystem teeming with life. Despite its strikingly arid nature, this desert is home to a myriad of resilient flora and fauna, each intricately adapted to survive in this harsh environment. From the surreal Welwitschia plants, which can survive for centuries, to the elusive gemsboks gracefully roaming the dunes, the Namib Desert is a gallery of nature`s craftsmanship. In the realm of fine art landscape photography, the Namib Desert stands as an oasis of inspiration. Its spellbinding beauty and ever-changing landscapes provide endless opportunities for photographers to immortalize fleeting moments in time. With each composition, a piece of the desert`s soul is captured, inviting viewers to embark on a visual journey where imagination meets reality. Namib Desert – a sanctuary of sand dunes, a masterpiece in the making, and an eternal muse for those who seek to capture its essence through the lens of a camera. It is a place where art and nature coalesce, offering a glimpse into a world where dreams take flight and imaginations run wild.
Print Information:
Alexander Vershinin individually produces limited edition prints to the highest possible standards and prints them on world-leading photographic paper. The Fujiflex Crystal Archive is an ultra-high-gloss, museum-grade photographic paper, with archival properties spanning over 70 years. Also, we offer trade-marked printing and mounting technology such as the Lumachrome Gallery Deluxe, which has archival properties spanning over 120 years. Both technologies allow you to achieve extremely precise print quality, with the unique opportunity to display sharpness, contrast and color reproduction capabilities. The concentrated light hits the print, accumulates in the silver crystals, and reflects - creating the impression that a photograph is in 3D format and shining from inside. А photograph is placed on the metal dibond plate and under Lexan or Perspex—super transparent, non-shattering and antiglare "glass". This kind of acrylic defense is completely colorless and offers the best possible presentation of your print. It also blocks 98% of UV light and is highly resistant to weather, temperature and humidity changes, resulting in the best possible archival life. To finish the luxury design, we offer exclusive custom wooden Roma frames that allow you to get the museum quality in your art. To summarize, if you decide to buy any of our art - unframed print rolled in a hard tube, an acrylic face-mounted print float, or finished framed art - you will receive real collectible, exclusive photography art with the best quality you could find for sale.
Delivery Information:
Our standard delivery time for unframed Fujiflex prints in hard tubes is 15–18 days worldwide, and it's absolutely FREE. Professional custom picture framing takes time: framing alone takes about 20–25 days (shipping time not included); some more elaborate projects may require 25–30 days for completion. Anyway, our standard delivery time for framed and matted works in boxes and crates is around 30 days.
Please be advised that you have 48 hours from the time of delivery to inspect and report your artwork thoroughly for any damages. After the 48-hours time frame, claims cannot be honored for replacement.