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New Zealand Photography Collection

Limited edtion New Zealand Photography, Fine Art, Sacramentum, Alexander Vershinin, New Zealand, tree in water, sinked tree, Wanaka Lake tree, photo


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0482 (Limited Edition - 55 copies)
Wanaka Lake, New Zealand
Artist`s Tale:
Are you curious about the Wanaka lake tree photographs? If yes, then I am here at your service to enlighten your minds with beautiful pictures and angles. New Zealand landscape photography is one of the most famous spots that you will see. The fundamental aim of any photographer is to unwind the rare beauty of this world. I`m Alexander Vershinin, who stepped into this field with the same vision and mission. However, I introduced New Zealand fine art photography, which is an exclusive collection for this purpose. Apart from this, my real aim was to give my followers exposure to this part of the world. So, let`s explore the hidden gems of New Zealand.

The absolute truth about the Wanaka tree lake photographs

“Wanaka lake tree is like a blazing poetry that has so many colors to offer.”

If we talk about the New Zealand landscape photos, it`s unfair to miss Wanaka tree lake photographs. The beauty of this beautiful country seems like a living fairy tale. But there is a vast difference between an expert and a naïve photographer. If we look in-depth, then social media is full of New Zealand fine art photography. One of the most famous spots that you will see is Wanaka tree lake. It is like a symbol of New Zealand`s beauty, grace, and epitome. So, many people visit here and try to capture the beauty. But it`s not everyone`s cup of tea. It requires skills and the ability to capture their screenshots.

My urge to select the Wanaka lake tree photographs

After knowing about the unavoidable beauty of New Zealand, I couldn`t stop myself from going there. I wanted to see what this hype is all about. Moreover, I had the instinct this place will be one of the reasons I can touch the heights of success in my photography career. Later it proved correct, and New Zealand fine art photography gave a jump start to my job. Apart from this, here are the following questions for which I was looking for answers:
  • Why is Wanaka lake tree photography so famous?
  • What are the qualities that make this place unique?
  • I wanted to explore the type of Wanaka lake and phenomenal tree.
  • Moreover, it was vital for me to check the photographic scope of this place.
So, there were the main questions that provided me an urge to visit this place. Moreover, it was like a gem that I got the chance to explore.

Overview of the New Zealand landscape photos

"Nothing can destroy the real elegance of perfectly taken shots."

If you are interested in New Zealand fine art photography, you will be aware of Wanaka lake. The Wanaka tree is located on the South Island of New Zealand. But if you want to capture the nearby beauty of this place, then take the hiking route. Wanaka lake trees are situated along the shores of the water. You will be there after walking 15 minutes from the coast. So, if you get there, then don`t miss the chance to capture the beauty at the time of Sunset. If you want to multiply the beauty, then Sunset is the perfect time to capture the beauty. Apart from this, if you`re going to capture beauty without a crowd, visit the lake in the morning. Moreover, the locality of the tree is truly unique. The mountains back view presents a mesmerizing sight, and I couldn`t take my eyes off. So, let’s explore my exclusive New Zealand fine art photography.

New Zealand fine art photography

If you see Wanaka through my camera lens, then it is truly a unique place. Moreover, by standing from few meters, I could see the beauty of the Wanaka lake tree. Due to this urge, I couldn`t resist taking creative shots of this place. If you stand in the distance, then the willow tree is like a treat for eyes. Apart from this, the mesmerizing background mountains, sunlight, and breathtaking views help capture a great shot. New Zealand is a famous place, and every year many photographers try to take photos that will impress others. But it`s not like that because fundamental skills come with hard work and practice. So, I am giving you my best suggestion that the Wanaka lake tree photographs truly contribute a lot in elegance.

Wanaka lake tree photos

We have mentioned earlier that Wanaka lake tree photos give great vibes to make the mood. But I wanted to keep my shots unique that will provide extreme value to my followers. It is the most photographed location in New Zealand. Moreover, we call it the "LONE TREE OF LAKE WANAKA." There were so many similar New Zealand fine art photography shots on the internet. But I wanted to find an original scoop from this place that truly represents my area of skills.

My abilities in the form of photo collection: Sacramentum

“Right colors + Beautiful sceneries = Blend of best photos."

Sacramentum is my limited and exclusive collection of the Wanaka lake tree photographs. You can see in my collection how blue water with the shadows of the beautiful Wanaka tree is mesmerizing. Apart from this, after seeing the yellow bushes with the combination of ice-covered mountains, I was in awe. If you are a photographer, you should be well aware that the right combinations win the best shots. So, my main aim was to find suitable blends of the colors and sceneries. Fortunately, I was able to find the perfect angle, colors, and elements of this scenic place. It was a pleasure to meet the highest standards that I already set for myself and my art. Moreover, you can sit there and watch the beautifully captured shots for several hours. You can see in the photos that how I professionally used the beautiful sunlight of this fantastic land. It is a real blessing for the photographer if he knows how to use the sunlight in the photos. By visiting the internet, you can find many New Zealand landscape photos. But a perfect photo gives the vibes of closeness and calmness.

New Zealand fine art photography to buy

I know you are among those people who came this far just in the love of New Zealand landscape photos. So, if you are the one who wants to hang these beautiful WANAKA LAKE TREE PHOTOS in your place, then you have great taste. Yes, it`s a true blessing to have an excellent photogenic taste. So, if you are interested in buying my exclusive pieces of art, then don`t wait. We have a limited collection that will get out of stock if you wait for so long. But you don`t need to worry about timely shipment and quality products. My space`s main aim is to give quality to my followers with a surety and money-back guarantee. So, if you are among those who have an eternal love for art, then don`t wait until it gets out of stock.

Silver Award in Nature Category, The Epson International Pano Awards - 2021.
Print Information:
Individually produced to the highest possible standards, Alexander Vershinin's limited edition prints are printed on world leading photographic paper. The Fujiflex Crystal Archive: an ultra high gloss, museum grade photographic paper, with archival properties of over 70 years and with trade marked printing and mounting technology - Lumachrome Gallery Deluxe with archival properties of over 120 years. Both technologies allow you to achieve extremely precise print quality, with a unique opportunity to display sharpness, contrast and color reproduction capabilities. Concentrated light hits the print, is accumulated in the silver crystals, and is reflected back - it makes the impression that a photograph is in 3D format and shines from inside. А photograph is placed on the metal dibond plate and under Lexan or Perspex – super transparent, non-shattering and anti glare "glass". This kind of acrylic defense is completely colorless and offers the best possible presentation of your print. It also blocks 98% of UV light and is highly resistant to weather, temperature & humidity changes resulting in the best possible archival-life. To finish the luxury design, we offer exclusive custom wooden frames that allow you to get the museum quality in your art. To summarize, if you decided to buy any of our art - unframed print rolled in a tube, acrylic facemounted print float or finished framed art - you will receive a real collectible exclusive photography art with the best quality you could find for sale.
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Our standard delivery time for unframed Fujiflex prints in tubes is 15-18 days worldwide and its absolutely FREE. Professional custom picture framing takes time: framing alone takes about 17-20 day (shipping time not included), some more elaborate projects may require 25 days for completion. Anyway, our standard delivery time for framed and matted works in boxes and crates is around 25-30 days.