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Hello, friends. My name is Alexander Vershinin and I am a professional photographer specializing in large-format fine art landscape panoramic photography. I became interested in photography in elementary school, but I started doing it professionally in the early 2000s, when I began to travel a lot around the world. Later, simple tourist trips turned into big photo tours and expeditions, and I began to bring panoramic photographs from different parts of our planet. Over time, this hobby has grown into a profession and I decided to share these shots with you. My works has been selected for the Annual GEO calendar in 2016. Part of the work was bought by Educa - a puzzles manufacturing company and I still find puzzles with my photo arts in different stores around the world. I am a member Member of The North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA), the International Association of Panoramic Photographers (IAPP), Creative Asia Photo Association and the Professional Photographers of America (PPA).

Peter Lik Style

No doubt, all the works in my gallery was strongly influenced by Peter Lik art, the man who inspired many photo artists and trodden not just the road, but the whole highway into the world of nature photography. My article addresses firstly the beginner photographers who are looking for their own style. That’s why we can’t deny that studying the works of photography masters can be really beneficial. But please don’t try just blind copies. The renown American marketing professional J. Trout has many times declared that approach doesn’t work in the modern competitive world. This is totally valid not only for business world, but for the art also. Put your soul into the photo to get on top. An author of a masterpiece can replicate his technique and it will be accepted as given. But audience will not accept the clones from imitators. E.g. Kuindzhi has completed his famous “Moonlight Night on the Dnieper” and then made several own copies – each of them is considered as original. But if any other artist will try to make the same copy, then it will hardly get the 5-star reviews from the critics, despite the fact that it might be a marvelous piece of art. Most possibly it will be named as “reproduction”. Do you want your works to be reproductions? Throw the numbers away from your head. Forget the fact that almost all Peter Lik's prints are being sold successfully, and you’ve sold just a couple of your photos via stocks. Target your energy towards creativeness, try out your camera, try to establish your own shooting technique, which will drive market crazy. If you run for success, you should show something brand new to potential buyers, something that nobody has done before. And another one important note which is often forgotten. You will never make a good photo session without moving around. Even if you have amazing sea view from your window and you make excellent photos from your balcony, you will hardly get many fans. Take your camera with you wherever you go. Look for unexpected places, new angles and stories. And do not forget about “Random All-Mighty”. Einstein has once just put tongue out, and now this photo comes into mind every time you hear the name of the genius physicist. I have to say - It’s totally OK to learn, retrieve information and analyze it. I can’t deny that studying the works of photography masters can be really beneficial. But my goal is different – should use Peter Lik style only to find my own.


In my work I always put the quality of images at the forefront. I realized that even professional small-format SLR cameras are not suitable for the main task - large format printing of huge size photographs. Sometimes I used the Linhoff Technorama 617s III wide film camera. But at some point I realized that I was not mobile enough and limited due I didn’t immediately see the result of my work during shooting. As a result, I switched to the digital 80 megapixels Phase One IQ180, which, without a doubt, immediately helped expand the spectrum of my photography.

Collectible Prints

I am very pleased that My works are in demand by many galleries and collectors around the world. For now, I have sent my photographs of various formats in 26 countries of the world: ARGENTINA, AUSTRALIA, BAHAMAS, BELGIUM, BRASIL, CANADA, CHILE, COLUMBIA, DENMARK, FINLAND, GERMANY, ISRAEL, ITALY, MEXICO, MONACO, NORWAY, PORTUGAL, RUSSIA, SOUTH AFRICA, SPAIN, SWITZERLAND, THAILAND, UAE, UKRAINE, UNITED KINGDOM and USA. I want to say a special thanks to everyone who chose my work to decorate their own interiors - it is very nice to know that your art has become part of someone’s home or office.

Awards And Contests

I still take part in many photo contests. Maybe someone will say that such contests do not bring any profit to the photographers, but they allow you to keep yourself in a professional shape, not to relax and not fall below that the bar you set yourself. Many organizers of photo contests ask to leave my work in order to save them for further exhibitions of nature photos or simply beautiful landscapes. You can check all my awards for the last years.

Lumachrome Quality

Continuing the theme of high-quality photos, I drew my attention for the Nevada Art Printers - the best workshop with its own unique printing and mounting technology - Lumachrome. At the moment it is the best technology to create luxury museum quality fine art in the world. And if you really want to get the best solution for yout interior design, then you should pay attention to these works. You can contact the staff of my office and ask any questions you may have. Mail me, call me and choose the best. Warmest regards. Alexander Vershinin.

Limited Edition Prints

Alexander Vershinin
professional photographer